Monday, May 17, 2010

Content Aware FAIL

CS5 has some wicked cool demo videos of their new use of the Content Aware algorithms. But how cool is it really? Well if you're not a fan of reading I will skip to the end, it is REALLY cool. However it has its limitations, it's not the end of retouching as we know it... not yet. Below are a couple of examples of one click retouches. One that worked and one that did not.

Content Aware fill is only able to work on the base layer (no Sample Current and Below or Sample All). Content Aware Fill is default when you make a selection and hit Delete. Content Aware Heal is a beefed up Spot Heal, which is able to Sample All Layers. This way you can use this tool along with the Stamp tool on a dedicated Spot Layer for non destructive retouching.

Also P.S. Mini Bridge isn't talked about as much, but this little panel is going to do wonders for your workflow when working composites with multiple source files.

Content Aware Fill (only works on base layer)
Select > Delete > Content Aware Fill

Content Aware Heal
New Layer > Spot Heal > Content Aware + Sample All Layers

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